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Large-scale alternating humidity and heat environment simulation test equipment <br> Special offer walk-in constant temperature and constant humidity test chamber Large-scale alternating humidity and heat environment simulation test equipment

Large-scale alternating humidity and heat environment simulation test equipment


Simple operation

1. The inner cavity is stainless steel to prevent corrosion, and the humidity barrel is electrolytic polished.

2. The front of the bucket allows easy access to the system.

3. Water can also be supplied during operation.

4. Direct water system is convenient for users to operate for a long time (optional)

5. Easy to observe samples.    

6. Tempered glass with built-in heating wire.

7. LED lights have a long life and are also energy efficient.

8. Large observation windows and internal glass doors make it easy to observe the sample status (optional).

9 . The cable port can be connected to external controllers and wires.

10 . A 50mm diameter cable port is standard on the left side of the device .

11 . Additional 50mm or 80mm cable ports can be customized.

Product characteristics and core values :

、成熟控制技术,动态 PID+ 平衡温调湿控制,温湿度波动极小。 1. Mature control technology, dynamic PID + balance temperature and humidity control, with minimal temperature and humidity fluctuations.

、友好人机界面,直接设定和显示温湿度值。 2. Friendly man-machine interface, directly set and display temperature and humidity values.

、智能化能量自动适配技术,分级制冷功率控制、选用法国泰康高效压缩机,节能效果显著。 3. Intelligent energy automatic adaptation technology, hierarchical cooling power control, and the use of French Taikang high-efficiency compressors have significant energy saving effects.

、大容量程式预置,用户可自由编写应用程序。 4 , large-capacity program presets, users can write applications freely.

、完善的数据保护装置,能适合长期连续工作。 5. Perfect data protection device, suitable for long-term continuous work.

、定时开机和定时关机功能,确保了设备的温湿度精确度。 6 、 Timed startup and timed shutdown functions ensure the temperature and humidity accuracy of the equipment.

、丰富多彩的程设定,可进行任何形式的复杂试验。 7 , colorful program settings, can carry out any form of complex tests.

、传感器分段校正功能,确保了设备的温湿度精确度。 8. The sensor segment correction function ensures the temperature and humidity accuracy of the equipment.

、锁定功能,防止人为更改已设定好的参数。 9 , lock function, to prevent artificial changes to the set parameters.

、外置式湿度发生器,方便维护和日常保养。 10. External humidity generator, convenient for maintenance and daily maintenance.

、程序等待功能,温湿到达设定区域时才开始计时,保证试验的可靠性。 11. Program waiting function, when the temperature and humidity reach the set area, it will start timing to ensure the reliability of the test.

、温湿度斜率控制功能,温湿度升降速率可控。 12 , temperature and humidity slope control function, temperature and humidity rise and fall rate can be controlled.

、中英文操作界面可选。 13 , Chinese and English operation interface is optional.

、软件温度保护功能,当测量温度超过设定温度一定值时,切断加热加路。 14 , software temperature protection function, when the measured temperature exceeds a certain value of the set temperature, cut off the heating and adding circuit.

、故障显示功能,当设备发生故障时,显示故障代码,方便快速查找和处理故障点。 15 , fault display function, when the equipment fails, display the fault code, convenient to quickly find and handle the fault point.

main feature

1. Advanced energy-saving design, saves 30% of power and uses HFC environmentally friendly refrigerant that does not hurt the human body and nature, allowing you to experiment with peace of mind.

2.Using Europe and the United States imported fully-enclosed compressor unit, sturdy and reliable, durable and durable, greatly improving the use efficiency and life of the equipment;

3. The equipment structure is made of SUS # 304 stainless steel plate and powder coating, which not only has a beautiful appearance but also has good corrosion resistance;

4. Advanced and innovative control theory, perfect integration of PLC, HMI, SOC, three control systems, 100% control without error, allowing you to experience unprecedented control pleasure;

5. Safety voltage protection module, withstand voltage up to 500V, connected to the equipment is not afraid of equipment burnout, 100% protection of equipment;

6. The original imported high-induction FastAIT monitoring refrigeration system can effectively control and manage the amount of refrigerant;

7. Fully-automatic safety protection switch, with high sensitivity, can fully detect any state, make cut-off protection and alarm notification in a short time to ensure the safety of people and machines;

8. Independent temperature rise and fall, unique BTHC level constant temperature adjustment method;

9.Unique supply air circulation system, avoid the dead angle of air flow in the box, and improve the uniformity of product temperature.

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