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Double-layer independent control nitrogen oven <br> Dongguan special supply double-layer independent control nitrogen oven circulation hot air oven industrial high-temperature drying oven Jiabang factory non-standard custom

Double-layer independent control nitrogen oven


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        + 线上销售为一体的运营模式,专业生产设计各种电热工业烤箱、高温烤箱、 IR 隧道炉、 PCV 生产线、 Uv 固化炉、喷油水濂柜、自动加油线、整套涂装设备等都可按客户的需要来定制, 如需定制 您与 我们联系 13712718109 吕先生 , 确认相关产品精 量及款式型号等,真诚期待与您合作,谢谢! Our company is based on the operation mode of factory production + online sales, specializing in the production and design of various electric industrial ovens, high temperature ovens, IR tunnel furnaces, PCV production lines, Uv curing furnaces, fuel injection cabinets, automatic fueling lines, complete sets Painting equipment can be customized according to customer's needs. If you need customization , please contact us 13712718109 Mr. Lu to confirm the precision and style of related products . We sincerely look forward to working with you, thank you!

Double-layer nitrogen hot air oven, suitable for baking chemical gas and food-to-be-baked items, curing of ink, drying of paint film, etc. Widely used in precision baking, drying, tempering, preheating, and shaping of electronics, motors, communications, electroplating, plastics, hardware chemicals, instruments, printing, pharmaceuticals, pc boards, impregnation, spray coating, glass, wood construction materials , Processing, etc. Internal heat cycle, baking objects are heated evenly.


Structural design :

不锈鋼板製造,外部 SS41 鋼板鐵材加防銹處理及粉體烤漆 (鐵灰色) 1. Material: Made of stainless steel plate inside , external SS41 steel plate with anti-rust treatment and powder baking paint (iron gray)

100K的耐高溫保溫棉﹐六面保溫絕熱。 2. Insulation: High-density 100K high-temperature-resistant insulation cotton is used. Six sides are insulated.

, 美式全開後鈕,門四週皆裝置耐高溫矽膠迫緊 , 堅固耐用 . 3, the door: single door , American full-open rear button, high temperature resistant silicone is installed around the door , tight and durable .

, 可直接與排風管連接 . 4.Ventilation device: The air volume is adjusted by the full-in, full-out adjustable damper , which can be directly connected to the exhaust pipe .

輪:采滑輪移動調整擺放位置與強力螺栓固定位置 5. Machine pulley : move the pulley to adjust the placement position and strong bolt fixing position

架:可活動調整柵盤架或不銹鋼條狀柵盤二隻 6. Inside the box rack: two grid racks or stainless steel bar grids can be adjusted

( 臺灣 ) 烤箱專用馬達,配合多翼式風輪高速運轉及單面水準送風循環 , 溫度均勻。 7, air supply system: special high temperature ( Taiwan ) oven dedicated motor, with multi-wing wind wheel high-speed operation and single-sided level air circulation , uniform temperature.

(SHEATHED HEATER) 無塵化電熱發生器,低輻射熱不易氧化,耐用期限 5 10 年。 8. Electric heating system: Adopts imported Japanese-made sheathed electric heater (SHEATHED HEATER) dust-free electric heating generator, low radiant heat is not easy to oxidize, and the durability period is 5 to 10 years.

9. Nitrogen device: equipped with nitrogen flow meter and pressure difference meter.

Notice to customers
Product pictures, prices, and product attributes are for reference only; specific product requirements are subject to customer requirements, and prices are subject to offline quotation plans. All product prices in this shop are not transaction prices and are for reference only! Welcome to inquire or negotiate in the factory!
所有商品我们在发货前有专门质检部门进行严格检查,确保无任何质量问题后,方可发货 Product problems: We have a special quality inspection department to strictly check all goods before delivery, and ensure that there are no quality problems before we can ship
Product pictures: The pictures are taken 100% in kind, but some products may have slight color difference due to light and display. Welcome to inquire, you can visit our company!
所有商品规格尺寸均可以根据客户需求定制,所以购买时需要提前联系预定;大件商品部分是没有库存的,如果需要,欢迎来电咨询或来厂洽谈! Specification inventory: All product specifications and dimensions can be customized according to customer needs, so you need to contact the reservation in advance when purchasing; large parts are not in stock, if necessary, please call us for consultation or come to the factory to discuss!

Use of the oven:

1. The oven should be placed in a dry and horizontal place in the room to prevent vibration and corrosion.

2. Pay attention to the safe use of electricity, and install a sufficient capacity switch blade according to the power consumption of the oven. Use enough power wires and have a good ground wire

3. An oven with an electric contact mercury thermometer type thermostat should connect the two wires of the electric contact thermometer to the two terminals on the top of the box respectively. Another ordinary mercury thermometer is inserted into the exhaust valve (the thermometer in the exhaust valve is used to calibrate the electrical contact mercury thermometer and the actual temperature in the observation box) to open the hole of the exhaust valve. Adjust the mercury thermometer at the electrical contact to the required temperature and tighten the screws on the steel cap to achieve the purpose of constant temperature. However, care must be taken not to turn the indicator iron outside the scale during adjustment.

4. When all preparations are ready, put the sample in the oven, and then connect and turn on the power. The red indicator light indicates that the oven has been heated. When the temperature reaches the controlled temperature, the red light turns off and the green light turns on, and the constant temperature starts. In order to prevent temperature control from malfunctioning, care must be taken.

5. Care should be taken not to place the samples too densely when placing them in the sample. No test article should be placed on the heat sink to avoid affecting the upward flow of hot air. Baking of flammable, explosive, volatile and corrosive items is prohibited.

6. When you need to observe the samples in the working room, you can open the outer box door and observe through the glass door. However, it is better to open the door as few as possible, so as not to affect the constant temperature. Especially when working above 200 ° C, opening the door of the box may cause the glass door to suddenly cool and break.

7. The blower oven, the blower must be turned on during the heating and constant temperature process, otherwise the uniformity of the temperature of the working room and the heating elements will be damaged. 8. After work is completed, the power should be cut off in time to ensure safety.

8. Keep the inside and outside of the oven clean.

9. When using, do not exceed the temperature of the oven

10. In order to prevent burns, special tools should be used when taking and placing the test specimen.

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