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500 degree industrial high temperature oven <br> Dongguan 500 degree industrial high temperature oven vertical single door oven constant temperature tester Jiabang manufacturers non-standard custom

500 degree industrial high temperature oven


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13712718109 吕先生 ,确认相关产品精量及款式型号等,真诚期待与您合作,谢谢! Our company is based on the operation mode of factory production + online sales, specializing in the production and design of various electric industrial ovens, high temperature ovens, IR tunnel furnaces, PCV production lines, Uv curing furnaces, injection water cabinets, automatic refueling lines, complete sets Painting equipment can be customized according to customer's needs. If you need customization, please contact us 13712718109 Mr. Lu to confirm the precision and style of related products. We sincerely look forward to working with you, thank you!

One,   Specifications

1. Internal dimension: 450 (W) × 400 (H) × 400 (D) ± 1mm;

外尺寸:以实物为准; 控制器位于机台下方,门由右至左开启; 2. Outer dimensions: the actual product shall prevail; the controller is located under the machine and the door opens from right to left;

内材质为不锈钢冲孔板304#,厚2.0mm,在高温工作中不会变形; 3, the internal material is stainless steel punching plate 304 #, thickness 2.0mm, will not deform during high temperature work;

中层风道材质为不锈钢板304#:厚2.0mm; 4. The material of the middle air duct is stainless steel plate 304 #: 2.0mm thick;

外材质为SECC钢板厚≥1.5mm粉体烤漆处理; 5. The outer material is powder baking paint with a thickness of ≥1.5mm for the SECC steel plate;

内分两层,不锈钢网板两个,可自由取出; 6. It is divided into two layers, two stainless steel mesh plates, which can be taken out freely;

保温材质 100Kg /m3 金刚高密度玻璃棉, 保温层厚150mm, 隔热性好,最大限度地保证温度保温性。 7. The insulation material is 100Kg / m3 diamond high-density glass wool. The thickness of the insulation layer is 150mm. The insulation is good, which ensures the maximum temperature insulation. 纤维石棉条密封,不易老化; 8, fiber asbestos strip sealed, not easy to age;

附活动脚轮及固定脚,可任意推动,固定位置; 9, with movable casters and fixed feet, can be pushed at will, fixed position;

无玻璃视窗; 10. No glass window;

Temperature control system

温度控制为PID微电脑自动演算智能温控表,PV/SV(注:即时温度与设定温度)同时显示,可在机器温度允许范围内根据个人意愿自由设定所需温度,并可通过表内PID参数设定确保它的控温的准确性 ( 台湾台松); 1. Temperature control is PID microcomputer automatic calculation intelligent temperature control meter, PV / SV (Note: instant temperature and set temperature) are displayed at the same time, the required temperature can be freely set according to individual wishes within the allowable range of the machine temperature, and can be passed The PID parameter setting in the table ensures the accuracy of its temperature control ( Taiwan Pine);

、定时器99.9秒-999时(可选择设定小时、分钟、秒,台湾阳明) 2 , timer 99.9 seconds-999 hours (optionally set hours, minutes, seconds, Taiwan Yangming)

a continuous use

b. Time to time, time to cut off heating current (alarm device)

、感温入力CA(K)TYPE(台湾神捷); 3 , temperature sensing force CA (K) TYPE (Taiwan God Czech);

、输出为12V; 4 , the output is 12V;

、电流控制器为SSR无接点RELAY; ( 固态继电器控制电力输出, 台湾阳明 ) 5. Current controller is SSR contactless relay ( Solid state relay controls power output, Yangming , Taiwan ) ,

、发热材质为不锈钢耐高温发热管; 6. The heating material is stainless steel high-temperature heating tube;

、温度范围RT~500℃(常用450℃之内为佳); 7 , temperature range RT ~ 500 ℃ (usually within 450 ℃ is better);

Third, accuracy

、控制精度±1℃; 1. Control accuracy ± 1 ℃;

、箱内温度分布均匀度±2%℃; 2. Uniformity of temperature distribution in the box ± 2% ℃;

Fourth, the heating rate

、RT-100℃约12分钟 1 、 RT-100 ℃ for about 12 minutes

V. Air supply system

、强制水平送风循环; 风源由循环马达运转带动风轮经电热器,将热风由风道送至烤箱内部,且将使用后 热风吸入风道成为风源再度循环加热,由此减小能量损耗并保证箱内的温度均匀性 , 当门 开、关动作 引起扰动时,可借此送风循环系统迅速回复操作状态温度值,开有进出气口, 1. Forced horizontal air circulation; the wind source is driven by the circulation motor to drive the wind wheel through the electric heater, and the hot air is sent from the air duct to the inside of the oven. Energy loss and guarantee the temperature uniformity in the box . When the door opening and closing actions cause disturbances, the air circulation system can be used to quickly restore the operating state temperature value. There are air inlets and outlets.

、马达为长轴心耐高温专用型,马率1/2hp/50Hz(台湾通合); 2. The motor is a special type with a long axis and high temperature resistance, with a horsepower rate of 1 / 2hp / 50Hz (Taiwan Tonghe);

、风扇为多叶式涡轮型; 3. The fan is a multi-blade turbine type;

、内装有可调导流风板。 4 , equipped with adjustable deflectors.

6. Power supply unit

Voltage 220V

Current 23A

Power 4KW (can be customized)

安全保护系统 Seven, security protection system

超温保护系统:当由于外力原因导致温度失控时,本系统会在超过设定温度10度时自动停止整机供电,从而保护你的产品及机器的安全; 1. Over-temperature protection system: When the temperature is out of control due to external forces, this system will automatically stop the whole power supply when the temperature exceeds 10 degrees, thereby protecting the safety of your products and machines;

过流保护系统:当由于外加电压过高或其它原因导致整机的功率超出正常功率时,本系统会自动断电保护整机的工控组件不被损坏。 2. Overcurrent protection system: When the power of the whole machine exceeds the normal power due to excessively high applied voltage or other reasons, this system will automatically power off to protect the industrial control components of the whole machine from being damaged.

马达过热保护:防止电机过热造成电机损伤,相序保护。 3 , motor overheating protection: prevent motor damage caused by overheating, phase sequence protection.

Use of the oven:

1. The oven should be placed in a dry and horizontal place in the room to prevent vibration and corrosion;

2. Pay attention to the safe use of electricity, and install a sufficient capacity switch blade according to the power consumption of the oven. Use enough power wires and have a good ground wire;

3. The oven with an electric contact mercury thermometer type thermostat should connect the two wires of the electric contact thermometer to the two terminals on the top of the box. Another ordinary mercury thermometer is inserted into the exhaust valve (the thermometer in the exhaust valve is used to calibrate the electrical contact mercury thermometer and the actual temperature in the observation box) to open the hole of the exhaust valve. Adjust the mercury thermometer at the electrical contact to the required temperature and tighten the screws on the steel cap to achieve the purpose of constant temperature. But you must pay attention not to rotate the indicator iron outside the scale when adjusting;

4. When all preparations are ready, put the sample in the oven, and then connect and turn on the power. The red indicator light indicates that the box has been heated. When the temperature reaches the controlled temperature, the red light turns off and the green light turns on, and the constant temperature starts. In order to prevent temperature control failure, you must also take care;

5. When placing the samples, pay attention not to arrange them too densely. No test article should be placed on the heat sink to avoid affecting the upward flow of hot air. Baking of flammable, explosive, volatile and corrosive items is prohibited;

6. When you need to observe the samples in the working room, you can open the outer box door and observe through the glass door. However, it is better to open the door as few as possible, so as not to affect the constant temperature. Especially when working above 200 ℃, opening the door of the box may cause the glass door to suddenly cool and break;

7. In the drying oven with blower, the blower must be turned on during the process of heating and constant temperature, otherwise it will affect the uniformity of the temperature of the working room and damage the heating element. 8. After work is completed, the power should be cut off in time to ensure safety;

8. Keep the inside and outside of the oven clean;

9. During use, the temperature should not exceed the operating temperature of the oven;

10. In order to prevent burns, special tools should be used when taking and placing the test samples.

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