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精密无尘烤箱 东莞工业烘箱
Precision dust-free oven Dongguan industrial oven <br> Precision dust-free oven Dongguan industrial oven LED hot air circulation drying oven Jiabang manufacturers non-standard custom

Precision dust-free oven Dongguan industrial oven


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Our company can process and customize various electric heating industrial ovens, high temperature ovens, IR tunnel ovens, Uv curing ovens, PVC production lines, oil injection water cabinets, automatic oil injection lines, and complete coating equipment according to your requirements.

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Oven overview

This single-door precision oven uses a unique structural design, beautiful appearance and reasonable internal structure.

采用(1.5mm厚 冷轧 钢板) 折弯 而成,表面高温喷塑 烤漆 处理(环保户外粉)耐腐蚀,防生锈。 1. The shell is made by bending (1.5mm thick cold-rolled steel plate) , and the surface is sprayed with plastic paint at high temperature (environment-friendly outdoor powder), which is resistant to corrosion and rust. 门板 上装有壹个 拉手 ,方便每层 托盘 可独立拿出,门边四周增加耐高温 密封 胶条 , 使炉外温度不烫手。 The top and bottom of the oven are integrated (single door). A handle is installed on the door of the oven , so that each tray can be taken out independently. High-temperature sealed silicone strips are added around the door so that the temperature outside the oven is not hot.

不锈钢 方通焊制, 每层层架可独立拿出,整个烤箱底部配有可移动 脚轮 ,方便烤箱进出。 Overall dimensions of the oven: 600 × 800 × 500 shelf trays are made of stainless steel square through welding, each shelf can be taken out independently, and the bottom of the entire oven is equipped with movable casters for easy oven access.

门式LED光电烤箱内胆部分:内胆采用1.0mm厚SUS304# 不锈钢板 制作,整台烤箱内胆四周铺100K*100mm厚耐高温硅酸 隔热 岩棉,内置运风风槽, 循环水平运风,使炉内温度更加均匀。 2. The inner part of this single- door LED photoelectric oven: The inner liner is made of 1.0mm thick SUS304 # stainless steel plate . The entire inner liner of the oven is lined with 100K * 100mm thick high temperature resistant silicic acid rock wool with built-in wind style. The trough circulates horizontal air to make the temperature in the furnace more uniform.

进口 不锈钢 散热片 发热管 ,烤箱顶部装有摩典特制蜂窝式发热管。 3, LED photoelectric oven heating part: the two sides of the oven air tank are equipped with imported stainless steel heat sink -type heating tube , the top of the oven is equipped with Modian special honeycomb heating tube. 马达 壹台,配九寸半运风 风轮 ,独有的隔热装置设计,循环大风量强制水平运风,配进气、排气口 阀门 ,调节进气和出气口空气流量的大小,使炉内温度更加均匀。 The top is equipped with one Taiwan imported three-leaf 0.55KW wind motor . It is equipped with a nine-inch half-wind wind wheel . The unique heat insulation device design circulates a large amount of air to force a horizontal wind. It is equipped with air inlet and exhaust valves . The air flow at the inlet and outlet makes the temperature in the furnace more uniform.

门式LED光电烤箱 电器 部分: 电源 380V,三相五线制,功率5.5KW,采用进口微 电脑 智能型数显 温控器 二台,装有精密型感温探点于炉内的上下两点监控炉内温度的均匀程度,室温50℃--200℃任意可调,(温度升至150℃需10---15分钟左右)功能具有PID自整定、自动恒温, 温度控制 准确,0---999分钟任意定时控制。 4. The electrical part of this single- door LED photoelectric oven : power supply 380V, three-phase five-wire system, power 5.5KW, two imported microcomputer intelligent digital temperature controllers , equipped with precision temperature detection points in the furnace The upper and lower points in the furnace monitor the uniformity of the temperature in the furnace. The room temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily from 50 ° C to 200 ° C. (The temperature rises to 150 ° C takes about 10-15 minutes) The function has PID self-tuning, automatic constant temperature, and temperature control Accurate, 0 --- 999 minutes arbitrary timing control. 计时器 (配有高精度数显自动计时器可调999秒/分钟/小时)时间到后定时报警、,超温断电(另装有一个超温上限温控器,防止炉内温度超高损坏其产品而设计),具有 漏电保护 电机 过载保护等功能,多点温控控制,使温度更加精准,内部温差±1度。 Equipped with a precision timer (equipped with a high-precision digital automatic timer that can be adjusted to 999 seconds / minutes / hours) and timed alarms when the time expires, and over-temperature power failure (an additional over-temperature upper limit temperature controller is installed to prevent the furnace The internal temperature is too high to damage its products). It has the functions of leakage protection , motor overload protection, and multi-point temperature control to make the temperature more accurate. The internal temperature difference is ± 1 degree. 继电器 输出. 其它 电器均采用正牌(斯耐得)电器及深圳金龙羽国标 电线 控制。 SSR25A solid-state relay output is used . Other appliances are controlled by genuine ( Snaide ) appliances and Shenzhen Jinlongyu national standard wire .

门式LED光电烤箱温度控制部分: 温度控制器 采用订制 电子 集成产品,可任意设订加温的时间。 5. This single- door LED photoelectric oven temperature control part: The temperature controller adopts customized electronic integrated products, and the heating time can be set arbitrarily. For example: when the oven is heated to 50 degrees, stop for 20 minutes, after 20 minutes, it will enter the equilibrium temperature state when it is heated to 100 degrees, and after half an hour, it will be heated to 120 degrees, and then the equilibrium temperature state will be performed. Note: All temperature and stop time can be adjusted at will. Please note the keywords: LED photoelectric oven, oven, LED oven, LED production equipment, LED special oven. Non-edible oven.

   Company Profile

        成立于2007年,是一家致力于光热设备研究、开发、生产、销售为一体的具有专业特色的产销公司。 Dongguan Jiabang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It is a professional production and marketing company dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of solar thermal equipment. Over the years, our company has established high-quality products, reasonable price adjustment, and superior service consciousness, and has successively established customers in many industries such as photoelectric (LED, LCD) integrated circuits, (IC) cameras, mobile phones, displays, and electronic components The internet. At present, the main products are: LED hot air oven, dust-free oven, high temperature oven, thermocompression oven, tunnel oven, clean oven, vacuum nitrogen oven, UV curing machine, constant temperature and humidity test box, etc.
The company has two to three project patents every year. We comply with the needs of the market and industry and meet the various requirements of customers. The products have flexibility and practicality, and create maximum value for customers. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business.

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