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Paint processing jewelry setting oven <br> Paint processing jewelry setting ovenDongguan industrial oven motor hardware chemical drying oven Jiabang factory non-standard custom

Paint processing jewelry setting oven


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Our company can process and customize various electric heating industrial ovens, high temperature ovens, IR tunnel ovens, Uv curing ovens, PVC production lines, oil injection water cabinets, automatic oil injection lines, and complete coating equipment according to your requirements.

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The scope of products:

     Industrial ovens are widely used in electronics, toys, paint processing, jewelry, motors, communications, electroplating, plastics, metal chemicals, printing, spraying, glass, ceramics, high temperature stress relief, aging, drying, shaping, processing, and can also be applied to Chemical gas baking items, substrate stress removal, ink curing, paint film drying, etc. are baked.

First, the working principle of the oven:  

   The stainless steel heating tube in the oven heats up after being energized. After the high-efficiency centrifugal fan uses air flow to bring the heat in the heating tube to the interior of the studio,   Perform heat exchange with the baked items in the working room to achieve the purpose of baking or drying.

Second, the operation process of the oven:  

   Power on,   Turn on the air switch   , Press the start button (the fan starts),   Press to start   ,set temperature   , Set the constant temperature time,   Alarm when time is reached   , Cut off the heating power   The fan continues to operate until the oven is turned off.  

Third, the appearance of the oven:   

1   t=1.2mm 厚冷轧板折弯而成,表面高温喷塑烤漆处理 ( 环保户外粉 ) 防锈,抗腐蚀。 The shell is made of t = 1.2mm thick cold-rolled plate, and its surface is sprayed with plastic paint ( environment-friendly outdoor powder ) to prevent rust and corrosion.  

2   ( 分单门、两门、三门、四门 ) ,门板边四周增加耐高温密封条,很使炉内高温气体 The top and bottom of the oven are integrated ( single door, two door, three door, four door ) , and high temperature resistant sealing strips are added around the side of the door plate, which makes the high temperature gas in the oven   It has good insulation effect without leaking.  

3   4 个万向带刹车活动轮 Shelf trays are welded with stainless steel square tubes. Each shelf can be taken out independently. Four universal wheels with brakes are installed at the bottom of the oven.   ( 脚杯可调节烤箱与地面的高度 ) And equipped with four positioning foot cups ( foot cups can adjust the height of the oven and the floor ) .  

four,   Oven liner:  

   This electric oven has a unique design of wind transport structure, so that the oven can ensure the temperature uniformity and   Energy savings.  

、内部使用内胆采用 1.2mm 厚镀锌板制作,具有防锈功能,使用数年后擦拭干净依旧如新。 1. The inner liner is made of 1.2mm thick galvanized sheet, which has anti-rust function. After several years of use, it is still clean as new.  

、内胆四周铺密度为 130K ,厚度为 80mm 的耐高温硅酸隔热岩棉;具有非常好的保温效果,箱体表面温度在 50 以内,大大的降低了烤箱的使用成本。 2. The high-temperature resistant silicic acid rock wool with a density of 130K and a thickness of 80mm is laid around the liner ; it has a very good thermal insulation effect, and the surface temperature of the cabinet is within 50 , which greatly reduces the use cost of the oven.  

、内置有独特设计的循环水平运风风道,风量可达到每小时 2000 ,每小时可以循环 7500 次以上,使炉内温度更加均匀。 3. It has built-in circulating horizontal air-conducting wind tunnel with unique design, the air volume can reach 2000 per hour, and it can circulate more than 7,500 times per hour , which makes the temperature in the furnace more uniform.

Fives,   Heating part:  

   55mm ,线路永久安全,避免了蜂窝式加热管的接线紧凑所导致的相线间短路的不足,避免造成潜在危险。 The stainless steel heat sink-type heating tubes installed at the air outlet of the oven impeller are arranged in a line, and the wind is evenly distributed. The heating tube terminals are external to the oven. The heating tube is 55mm apart from the heating tube . The circuit is permanently safe, avoiding the honeycomb heating tube. Insufficient short circuit between phases due to compact wiring to avoid potential danger. 45°C 以下)。 The opening of the heating tube terminal is on the rear side of the oven, which avoids the heat transfer caused by the opening on the top to the electrical components and reduces the service life of the electrical appliance (the temperature resistance of general electrical appliances is below 45 ° C ).   

six,   Circulating air system and exhaust system:  

、顶部配有 0.75KW 运风马达壹台: 10.5 寸离心风叶轮(保证了足够的风量)大风量循环设计模式弥补了换气时对烤箱造成的温度差进行调整(循环次数: 7500 /H )。 1. There is one 0.75KW wind motor at the top : 10.5 inch centrifugal air impeller (ensures sufficient air volume). The large air volume circulation design mode compensates for the temperature difference caused by the oven during ventilation (cycles: 7500 times / H ).  

、设有进气和出气口,使烤箱内部浑浊气体向外排出,流入新鲜空气,降低烤箱内产品排出的浑浊气体,使产品的表面颜色更加纯正,并且装有气流调节阀随时可调节换气量的大小。 2. Equipped with air inlet and air outlet, the turbid gas inside the oven will be discharged outwards, flowing into the fresh air, reducing the turbid gas emitted by the products in the oven, making the surface color of the product more pure, and equipped with air flow regulating valve can be adjusted and changed at any time. The amount of gas.

  The company specializes in the production of various precision ovens and infrared tunnel furnaces, and also provides maintenance, relocation and modification projects for various ovens and tunnel furnaces.

Company Profile

Dongguan Jiabang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It is a professional production and marketing company dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of solar thermal equipment. Over the years, our company has established high-quality products, reasonable price adjustment, and superior service consciousness, and has successively established customers in many industries such as photoelectric (LED, LCD) integrated circuits, (IC) cameras, mobile phones, displays, and electronic components. The internet. At present, the main products are: LED hot air oven, dust-free oven, high temperature oven, thermocompression oven, tunnel oven, clean oven, vacuum nitrogen oven, UV curing machine, constant temperature and humidity test box, etc.

The company has two to three project patents every year. We comply with the needs of the market and the industry, and meet the various requirements of customers. The products are flexible and practical, and create value for customers. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business.

contact details:

Contact: Mr. Lu

Phone: 86 0769 81089125

Mobile phone: 13712718109


No.302 Heluling, Huanzhuli Village, Changping Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China

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