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Laboratory digital display constant temperature mold incubator <br> Laboratory digital display constant temperature mold incubator military electronics chemical industrial oven Dongguan industrial oven Jiabang factory non-standard custom

Laboratory digital display constant temperature mold incubator


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Our company can process and customize various electric heating industrial ovens, high temperature ovens, IR tunnel ovens, Uv curing ovens, PVC production lines, oil injection water cabinets, automatic oil injection lines, and complete coating equipment according to your requirements.

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用途概述: Application Overview:

4-6 小时左右长出来,作为人工 The mold incubator is a type of incubator, which mainly cultivates organisms and plants. Set the corresponding temperature and humidity in a closed space to make mold grow in about 4-6 hours as artificial

The purpose of accelerating the breeding of mold and assessing the resistance to mildew and mold of electric and electronic products. It is an important detection method in the artificial three-proof climate. It is a tertiary institution, medicine, military industry, electronics

Chemical and biological research departments are used to store bacteria and biological culture, and are necessary testing equipment for scientific research laboratories.


产品特点: Features:

采用镜面不锈钢内胆,四角半圆弧设计易清洁,箱内搁板间距可调。 Using mirror stainless steel liner, four corners semi-circular arc design is easy to clean, and the space between shelves in the box is adjustable.

大屏幕液晶显示,多组数据一屏显示,菜单式操作界面,简单易懂,便于操作。 Large-screen LCD display, multiple groups of data on one screen, menu-type operation interface, easy to understand and easy to operate.  

微电脑 PID 控制方式,控温精确波动小,带定时功能,时间最大设定值 99 小时99分钟。 Microcomputer PID control mode, precise temperature control and small fluctuation, with timing function, the maximum set time is 99 hours and 99 minutes.

采用双层门结构,隔热性能好,观察箱内情况不影响箱内温度,方便可靠。 Adopt double-layer door structure, with good heat insulation performance. It is convenient and reliable to observe the conditions inside the box without affecting the temperature inside the box.

箱底脚采用万向轮加独立固定底脚设计,方便自由调节并可锁定,移动方便。 ♦ The bottom of the box adopts universal wheel and independent fixed foot design, which is convenient for free adjustment and locking, and easy to move.

紫外杀菌系统位于箱内顶部,有效杀灭箱体内循环空气中的浮菌,有效防止培养期间的污染。 ♦ The UV sterilization system is located on the top of the box, which can effectively kill the floating bacteria in the circulating air inside the box and effectively prevent pollution during the cultivation.

采用进口品牌循环风机,配上独特设计的风道结构,制造出良好的空气循环系统,有效保证箱内温度均匀性。 Adopt imported brand circulating fan and uniquely designed air duct structure to create a good air circulation system to effectively ensure the uniformity of temperature in the box.

采用国际品牌压缩机,自主研发的压缩机降温系统,可有效延长压缩机使用寿命。 ♦ The use of international brand compressors and independently developed compressor cooling system can effectively extend the life of the compressor. 134a,406a 无氟制冷剂, Committed to the World Environmental Health Initiative, using 134a, 406a fluorine-free refrigerants,

High efficiency, energy saving, and making the environment healthier. F ”型和带“ II ”型) (With " F " type and with " II " type)

带“ II ”型具有控湿功能,具有 99 个周期的程序,每个周期分 30 段,每段 99 小时 99 分钟的循环步骤,几乎可以满足所有的复杂实验过程。 ♦ The " II " type has a humidity control function, with 99 cycles of programs, each cycle is divided into 30 sections, and each step is 99 hours and 99 minutes of cyclic steps, which can meet almost all complex experimental processes.


产品优化: Product optimization:

可选箱门观察窗(选配) Optional door observation window (optional)

箱体左侧有一直径 25mm/50mm 的测试孔,便于实验操作与测量温度。 There is a test hole with a diameter of 25mm / 50mm on the left side of the box , which is convenient for experimental operation and temperature measurement. (Optional)

智能化液晶可编程多段控制器(选配) Intelligent LCD programmable multi-segment controller (optional)

可预设 30 段可编程序,每段设置时间 1~99 小时 99 分钟。 * 30 segments of programmable sequence can be preset , and the setting time of each segment is 1 ~ 99 hours and 99 minutes.

多段可编程控制,简化复杂的试验过程,真正实现自动控制和运行。 * Multi-stage programmable control simplifies the complicated test process and truly realizes automatic control and operation.

独立限温报警系统(选配) Independent temperature limit alarm system (optional)

超过限制温度即自动中断运行,并声光报警提示操作者。 ♦ When the temperature is exceeded, the operation will be automatically interrupted, and the audible and visual alarm will prompt the operator. Ensure that the experiment runs safely without accidents.

方便的数据处理(选配) Convenient data processing (optional)

具有 USB RS485 接口,可连接打印机或计算机,能记录温度参数的变化状况。 * Has USB or RS485 interface, can be connected to a printer or computer, can record changes in temperature parameters.

Company Profile

Dongguan Jiabang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It is a professional production and marketing company dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of solar thermal equipment. Over the years, our company has established high-quality products, reasonable price adjustment, and superior service consciousness, and has successively established customers in many industries such as photoelectric (LED, LCD) integrated circuits, (IC) cameras, mobile phones, displays, and electronic components. The internet. At present, the main products are: LED hot air oven, dust-free oven, high temperature oven, thermocompression oven, tunnel oven, clean oven, vacuum nitrogen oven, UV curing machine, constant temperature and humidity test box, etc.

The company has two to three project patents every year. We comply with the needs of the market and the industry, and meet the various requirements of customers. The products are flexible and practical, and create value for customers. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business.

contact details:

Contact: Mr. Lu

Phone: 86 0769 81089125

Mobile phone: 13712718109


No.302 Heluling, Huanzhuli Village, Changping Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China

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