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东莞工业烤箱 热风循环烘箱 9层五金塑胶烤箱 非标定制
Dongguan industrial oven hot air circulation oven 9 layer metal plastic oven non-standard custom <br> Dongguan industrial oven hot air circulation oven 9 layer metal plastic oven non-standard custom

Dongguan industrial oven hot air circulation oven 9 layers metal plastic oven non-standard custom


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Our company can process and customize various electric heating industrial ovens, high temperature ovens, IR tunnel ovens, Uv curing ovens, PVC production lines, oil injection water cabinets, automatic oil injection lines, and complete coating equipment according to your requirements.

Pictures, prices, product attributes, for reference only, the actual product shall prevail, welcome to place an order to consult!

Product introduction

Native parameters

Inner size: 1000mm high * 800mm wide * 800mm deep

Outer size: 1300mm * 900mm * 750mm

Box part

采用t2.0mm冷板折弯焊接,固定架用50*50(mm)加厚方通焊接制作; Box reinforcement material: t2.0mm cold plate bending welding, fixed frame is made of 50 * 50 (mm) thick square through welding;

用SUS304#t1.5mm不锈钢板折压制作,烤箱设置直线运风专用风道,风道两侧强制循环送风,使加热温度均匀,自动排放烤箱内气体,温度误差±3度以内; Material of air duct plate: SUS304 # t1.5mm stainless steel plate is used for folding. The oven is provided with a dedicated air duct for straight-line air transportation. Forced circulating air is supplied on both sides of the air duct to make the heating temperature uniform and automatically discharge the gas in the oven. Within degrees

釆用T1.7mm冷钢板折压制作,外门采用T1.7冷板焊接制作,其它表面打磨抛光处理,机箱表面整体烤粉處理; Enclosure outer plate:釆 made of T1.7mm cold steel plate, the outer door is made of T1.7 cold plate welding, other surfaces are polished and polished, and the whole surface of the cabinet is baked;

采用采用100K硅酸铝白色环保岩棉填充厚度120mm,表面温度±在40℃; Box insulation material: 100K aluminum silicate white environmental protection rock wool is used to fill the thickness of 120mm, the surface temperature is ± 40 ℃;

釆用201#t1.2mm不鏽鋼板折压制作,内板材全部冲孔处理,孔徑為12,使运风温度均匀; Internal material of the box:釆 Folded by 201 # t1.2mm stainless steel plate, all the inner plates are punched, and the hole diameter is 12, so that the temperature of the wind is uniform;

釆用3寸带杀车万向脚轮; Box floor: 3 3 inch belt caster swivel caster;

AC380V 50HZ 三相五线(电源线长3米) 总功率: 12KW Power supply: AC380V 50HZ three-phase five-wire (power line length 3 meters) total power: 12KW

采用耐高温SUS304#不锈钢带散热片发热管,(使温度散热均匀,管质使用寿命长)共12KW,(常温-250℃升溫時間需20-25分鐘左右; Heating system: High temperature resistant SUS304 # stainless steel heating tube with fins (to make the temperature uniform and heat dissipation, long tube life) a total of 12KW, (normal temperature -250 ℃ heating time takes about 20-25 minutes;

箱体上方设有进气口、排气口、调节开关,使烤箱温度均匀; Ventilation device: There is an air inlet, an air outlet, and an adjustment switch above the box to make the temperature of the oven uniform;

采用耐高温发泡硅胶制作,门层安装耐高温发泡硅胶,加强炉内保温效果。 Sealing material: It is made of high temperature resistant foamed silica gel, and the door is installed with high temperature resistant foamed silica gel to enhance the insulation effect in the furnace.

设置单开门,右侧安装2套精密合頁,左侧安装1套高精密合金门锁,烤箱开门方向从左侧到右側; External door configuration: set single door, install two sets of precision hinges on the right, one set of high-precision alloy door locks on the left, and open the door from left to right;

采用*耐高温750W立式电机,配10.5寸镀锌风叶轮运风; Motor configuration: * High temperature resistant 750W vertical motor with 10.5 inch galvanized wind impeller

烤箱内部分隔9层,两侧安装不锈钢承重角钢,左右分部安装,烤箱配9个不锈钢烤盘,烤盘规格L790*W790*H40(mm),底部做有50MM保温; Layered configuration: The oven is divided into 9 layers, with stainless steel load-bearing angles installed on both sides, and left and right sections installed. The oven is equipped with 9 stainless steel baking pans, the baking pan size is L790 * W790 * H40 (mm), and the bottom has 50MM insulation;

采用RKC系列智能控制器,*SSR固态继电器、电控电流表、电压表、计时器999分鐘、继电器、缺项保护器,指示灯、电源开关、啟動停止開關、报警器、总制开关、耐高溫*K型感溫線等电器元件,配有漏电开关,过载保护,注:以上所用電器經符合國家檢測標準。 Electronic control system: RKC series intelligent controller, * SSR solid state relay, electric control ammeter, voltmeter, timer 999 minutes, relay, missing item protector, indicator light, power switch, start stop switch, alarm, total system Switches, high-temperature-resistant * K-type temperature sensing wires and other electrical components are equipped with leakage switches and overload protection. Note: The electrical appliances used above meet the national testing standards. (The control box is placed above the oven) is easy to understand.

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Company Profile

Dongguan Jiabang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It is a professional production and marketing company dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of solar thermal equipment. Over the years, our company has established high-quality products, reasonable price adjustment, and superior service consciousness, and has successively established customers in many industries such as photoelectric (LED, LCD) integrated circuits, (IC) cameras, mobile phones, displays, and electronic components The internet. At present, the main products are: LED hot air oven, dust-free oven, high temperature oven, thermocompression oven, tunnel oven, clean oven, vacuum nitrogen oven, UV curing machine, constant temperature and humidity test box, etc.
The company has two to three project patents every year. We comply with the needs of the market and industry and meet the various requirements of customers. The products have flexibility and practicality, and create maximum value for customers. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business.

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